dog cat trip via eurotunnel
dog cat trip via eurotunnel
Traveling with your dog or cat via the Eurotunnel is a convenient option for crossing the English Channel between France and the UK. Here are the steps to take for such a trip:
  1. Check Pet Policy: Before booking your Eurotunnel tickets, check the company's pet policy. Eurotunnel allows pets to travel with their owners in designated pet areas on board the shuttle trains.

  2. Microchip and Identification: Ensure your pet has a microchip implanted, as this is a requirement for travel between EU countries and the UK. Your pet should also have an identification tag with your contact details.

  3. Pet Passport: Make sure your pet has a pet passport issued by an authorized veterinarian. The pet passport should include details of your pet's microchip, rabies vaccination, and other relevant health information.

  4. Rabies Vaccination: Ensure your pet is up-to-date with its rabies vaccination. Pets must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before traveling to the UK.

  5. Tapeworm Treatment: If you're traveling to the UK with a dog, they need to be treated for tapeworm by a veterinarian 1 to 5 days before entering the UK. This requirement does not apply to cats.

  6. Health Certificate: You may need to obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian confirming that your pet is healthy and fit for travel.

  7. Book Tickets: Book your Eurotunnel tickets in advance, ensuring that you select the appropriate option for traveling with a pet. You may need to specify that you're traveling with a pet when booking.

  8. Prepare Your Pet: Familiarize your pet with their travel carrier or crate before the journey. Ensure they are comfortable and have access to water and any necessary items for the trip.

  9. Arrive Early: Arrive at the Eurotunnel terminal well in advance of your departure time to complete check-in procedures and ensure a smooth boarding process with your pet.

  10. Follow Instructions: Follow the instructions provided by Eurotunnel staff regarding pet travel and safety during the journey.

  11. Enjoy Your Trip: Once on board the shuttle train, relax and enjoy the journey with your furry companion. Be sure to provide reassurance and comfort to your pet as needed throughout the journey.

By following these steps and making necessary preparations, you can have a smooth and enjoyable trip with your dog or cat via the Eurotunnel from France to the UK.

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